China Pioneer International Racing Pigeon Club takes over and will continue the Belgian Master pigeon race in Belgium

  • Closure finale race and info online auction

Dear sports friends,
Last Sunday the final race could finally be closed.
The arrivals are on the website under the heading "Races" - "Final race".
Later arrivals will be added to the bottom of this page in a separate section.
In addition, there will also be a category of pigeons which returned after the basketing for the final race, but which did not participate in the race.
We plan to sell the arrived pigeons in 2 parts on the website.
In part 1, the first 100 pigeons will be sold from September 22nd and the sale will close on October 2nd.
The collection of these sold pigeons will be on October 14th in Nevele from 10 am to 2 pm.
The remaining pigeons will also be sold on the website in part 2 at the end of October.
The exact date for this sale will be published later.
The payment of the prize money will be done by mid October.

With kind regards,
The Belgian Master Team

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