China Pioneer International Racing Pigeon Club takes over and will continue the Belgian Master pigeon race in Belgium

Loft accomodation

Enthusiasts who would like to visit the loft may only do so on the day of the final race.

The magnificent loft accommodation, built by the company Demster, is 89 metres long and divided into 35 sections. The professional approach of this loft builder and the numerous practical instructions by the initiators ensured dry, well-ventilated lofts or in other words, the ideal living environment for young pigeons.


One important thing to know is that the youngsters will be kept in darkness from April to the end of May. A fully automatic darkening system was installed which makes it possible to ensure darkness falls precisely!

Large landing planks were also placed at each entrance to allow pigeons an easy landing on their return.

DSC03516.jpg valplanken.jpg

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