China Pioneer International Racing Pigeon Club takes over and will continue the Belgian Master pigeon race in Belgium





  1. The Belgian Master is organised by the Vriendenkring Duivensport vzw, Veldeken 39 - 9850 Nevele under the auspices  of the K.B.D.B. in partnership with Versele-Laga nv, Kapellestraat 70 - 9800 Deinze, Uitgeverij De Duif nv, Langstraat 95/3  2240 Zandhoven and Herbots Animal Products - La Colombophilie Belge, Dungelstraat 35 - 3440 Halle Booienhoven.
  2. The final of the “Belgian Master 2017 one-loft-race” will be organised on 15 August 2017 Tuesday 29 August 2017.
  3. Participation in the Belgian Master 2017 implies integral acceptance of the regulations and the decision of the organisers.

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  1. The pigeons must be delivered between 27 February 2017 and 31 March 2017. The delivery address is Veldeken no 39 in 9850 Nevele. The delivery dates will be notified to the participants in person and will also be stated on the official website. After 31 March 2017 no more pigeons will be accepted, even if these have been entered and paid in advance.
  2. After 31 May 2017 the list of participants is published by the organisation through the official web site of the organisation (
  3. All participating pigeons must be ringed with a 2017 fixed foot ring.
  4. All pigeons must have been vaccinated against paramyxo at least 8 days before delivery and be accompanied with the necessary vaccination documents. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the organization will refuse the pigeons.
  5. The organisation recommends delivering the pigeons at a minimum age of 5 weeks.
  6. The pigeons must be delivered with a proof of ownership and the most complete pedigree possible. 
    Pigeons without proof of ownership will be refused by the organisation.
  7. The pigeons delivered are registered in the name of the organisation.
  8. All pigeons delivered will be chipped before 31 May 2017. 
    The organisation’s telephone number will be stated on the chip ring.
  9. If one of the pigeons delivered gets lost and is reported, this pigeon will, insofar as possible, be repatriated within 7 working days. All pigeons returned are cared for in a separate department and only returned to the other participating pigeons after approval by the veterinary surgeon.These returned pigeons do not receive a separate training programme but must follow the schedule of the other participating pigeons. Pigeons reported after the internet sale, will be annoced to the registrar. The registrar will decide whether he wants to repatriate the pigeon concerned or not. If not the proof of ownership will be provided to the registering person.
  10. The care is under the supervision of a specialised team and will be realised in a completely responsible way for the benefit of the pigeons’ health. The care programme will be realised exclusively by Versele-Laga nv, Uitgeverij De Duif nv and Herbots Animal Products - La Colombophilie Belge.

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  1. The registration period starts on 1 December 2016 and ends on 31 March 2017.
  2. The entry fee per pigeon is set at € 250.
  3. The registration lapses if payment is not registered at the time of delivery of the registered pigeons.
  4. The entry fees will not be refunded if the pigeon should get lost.
  5. Additions to the regulations by the organization concerning participation are always possible.
  6. In the event of exceptional circumstances (e.g. prohibition of competitions) that may influence the correct progress of the Belgian Master 2017 in one way or another, the organisation assumes the right to revise or cancel this Belgian Master 2017.

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  1. In the event that the competition cannot proceed for one reason or another the entry fees paid will be refunded,  reduced by costs already incurred. All pigeons present at that time will be sold via a website. In that case 50% of the  amount of the sale will be paid to the official entrant and 50% to the organisation.*
  2. The organisation is not responsible for the distribution of the prize money within a team or association and cannot be  held liable in any way.
  3. The winners will be notified personally of the prizes won by them.
  4. The symbolic award of the prizes won to the victors will be realised on the day of the final.
  5. All the cash prizes will be paid in euro, via a bank transaction. The free participations will be delivered in person by post to the winners.
  6. In the event of ex-aequo’s the prizes of the ex-aequo’s are added together and divided by that number.
  7. The organisation reserves the right, if provided for under law, to create fee forms.

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  1. It is not necessary to be an official member of a national pigeon fanciers organisation to be able to participate in this one-loft-race.
  2. Pigeon fanciers who are the subject of a suspension imposed by their national organisation may no longer participate and may not enjoy any benefits and this in the broadest sense of the word.
  3. Also fall under the scope of this regulation: fanciers who obtained a release of a suspension on account of the submission of an appeal or a provision in cassation submitted to the arbitration chambers of their national organisation. This also applies to fanciers who submitted a petition before the civil courts. The clause remains in force as long as all legal means have not been exhausted. Also fall under the scope of this regulation, the fanciers who cause or have caused damage to their national organisation.
  4. You can register through the website or via entry forms which are distributed via various channels or that you can request from: Versele-Laga nv, Kapellestraat 70 - 9800 Deinze or Uitgeverij De Duif nv, Langstraat 95/3 - 2240 Zandhoven or Herbots Animal Products - La Colombophilie Belge, Dungelstraat 35 - 3440 Halle Booienhoven.
  5. The submission of your registered pigeons means that you agree with these competition rules.

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  1. The final race will be held from the French release point in Tours (460 km). In the event that the weather conditions or organisational reasons do not allow the release at the set release point of the final race, it will be moved to such a distance, place or day for release so that the release is realised responsibly. If external circumstances (e.g. weather conditions) prevent the training programme from taking place as usual, the organisation will reserve the right to divert to such distance and/or place, so as to ensure a safe release.
  2. The pigeons are trained via official training flights followed by 4 “ace pigeon races” and ultimately the final race.
  3. The pigeons are transported and released separately, unconnected to other training competitions.
  4. The results of each “ace pigeon race” are published via the official website of the organisation (
  5. The date for the final race of the Belgian Master 2017 is August 29th 2017. The organizers have the right, under certain circumstances, to change the point and/or day of release.
  6. The competition ends by 12 pm on the day after the release.
  7. The time of the release partly depends on the wind and the day schedule.
  8. At the moment of each basketing the responsible veterinarian appointed decides whether the pigeon concerned can  or cannot participate in the race. His judgement is binding and cannot be appealed.
  9. On the basketing day of the final race all pigeons are provided with a control stamp.
  10. A list of basketing of the pigeons participating in the final race, will be available from the website of the organisation before the pigeons are released.
  11. The ace pigeon competition is calculated as follows. Only the “3 best of 4 ace pigeon races” and the final race are eligible for this competition. Of the 4 ace pigeon races, only the 3 best results count. Per race, the first pigeon registered receives 150 points, the 2nd 149 points, the 3rd 148 points, etc. until the 150th registered pigeon. The pigeon with the most points becomes the winner of the ace pigeon competition Belgian Master 2017. In the event that one or more races of the ace pigeon competition are cancelled, no substitute race is provided. In that case, “the least good result is each time omitted” and the final race is taken into account. In order to be classified in the ace pigeon competition, the pigeon concerned must be registered for the final race before 12 PM the day after the release. In the event of exaequo’s, the prizes of the ex-aequo’s are added together and divided by that number.

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  1. The first 10 registered pigeons of the final race are sold publicly after the final race, as well the first 3 pigeons of the ace pigeon competition, if those are known. The other pigeons will be sold through the official website.
  2. 50% of the sale goes to the organisation, 50% goes to the official entrant.*
  3. If, due to circumstances beyond our control, problems arise during the last 30 minutes while closing the online sale, the online sale will be extended for 30 minutes.

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* A month after closing the Belgian Master 2017 internet sale, the enroller is paid 50% of the sales price. In case a month after closing the internet sale a sold pigeon has still not been paid for by the buyer, the sale of this pigeon will be cancelled and the respective pigeon will be offered for sale on the website just once again. In that case the enroller will not receive 50% of the first sale price, but 50% of the second sale price, provided that the pigeon for sale is paid for duly by the new buyer. Should payment problems arise again, the organization will make an arrangement with the enroller.

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